Green Coffee Bean Extract FAQ

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Green Coffee Beans Extract Frequently Asked Questions:

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Natural Green Coffee Beans Containing the Magical Slimming Compound CGA.

Question: What is green coffee bean?
Answer: The reason that this coffee referred to as “green” is because the beans are not roasted as they are in order to produce the brown coffee we drink daily. So this results in the beans to keep their natural goodness whose one of their benefits has been experienced in people losing substantial amount of weight in a short period of time.

Question: What is green coffee bean extract?
Answer: The main ingredient part of the extract is a compound called Chlorogenic Acid which is the compound for burning fat causing the body to lose weight.

Question: What is green coffee bean extract good for?
Answer: As already hinted above, the extract is mainly used in weight loss diet plans. It also, has other health benefits which have been discussed on the Home Page of the website.

Question: Which is the best green coffee bean extract?
Answer: The top quality green coffee bean extract is currently green coffee bean max. Read More….

Question: What to look for when buying green coffee bean extract?
Answer: Please, refer to this section of the site for a list of guidelines we have provided on what to look for when buying green coffee bean extract.

Question: What should be the Green Coffee Bean dosage for weight loss?
Answer: The Daily Dosage of Green Coffee Bean Extract recommended by the manufacturer is one capsule (pill) of 400 mg, containing the pure supplement, to be taken three times a day, 30 minutes before each meal-time. You should not exceed taking more than 4 tablets (1600 mg in total) per day maximum.

Question: What Does GCA stand for?
Answer: GCA stands for Green Coffee Antioxidant.

Question: Does Green Coffee Bean Extract Have Caffeine In It?
Answer: According to Dr. Mehmet Oz, the amount of caffeine in green coffee is one-fifth of the normal coffee, which works out about 20 mg per serving.

Question: Where Can I Buy Pure Green Coffee Bean Pills for weight loss?
Answer: Before you make a purchase, please make sure you have read all the information on this website, and if you like us to receive a small commission from your purchase, you can use any of the ads displayed on the site, bearing in mind that by buying through this website you will not pay any extra.

Question: Aren’t green coffee bean max extract pills more expensive than other green coffee supplements?
Answer: If they are, that is because they are the 100% pure green coffee extract with no additives or fillers in them – you should avoid buying the cheaper supplements just because they may be cheaper as they will not be very effective for weight loss or other health benefits you may want to use them for.

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