Green Coffee Bean Extract Side Effects

What are the Green Coffee Bean Extract (Max) Side Effects for weight


Although, you can buy green coffee bean capsules, which

are made from 100% pure extracts such as green coffee bean

max, which studies have shown to be free of side effects, you

should still not overlook the following precautions, if you are looking

for absolute safety.

Green coffee, like the roasted brown coffee that we drink daily,

contains caffeine as well – Too much caffeine, could possibly, in some

people, cause nausea and vomiting, specially in people who may suffer

from gastritis or stomach ulcers. It could also cause fast heart beating

and breathing abnormalities. Insomnia and restlessness could also be

other side effects of green coffee bean tablets that may occur in some

weight watchers. But these would be minor effects when considering how

effective green coffee bean extracts can be in losing and controlling

the extra fat that the slimmers would so much crave to shed fast, when

they plan their weight loss programs.

Chlorogenic acid in green coffee has a weak

psychostimulatory effect, about a third as potent as Caffeine.

It was also once considered to be anti-thaminases i.e. it could induce a

thiamin (Vitamin B1) deficiency – however, this has since been shown to

be untrue. Another small negative side effect of green coffee

chlorogenic acid may be that it can decrease the absorption of dietary


Before you start buying the green coffee bean supplement, you should

look at how drinking normal coffee has been affecting you – if you are

an avid coffee drinker who has not been experiencing any of the common

side effects that the brown roasted coffee may cause, then you can be

more certain that the green coffee extracts could benefit you in losing

weight quickly, without worrying too much about potential side effects

of the capsules – The extract pills, Green Coffee Bean Max,

happens to be one of the purest and best quality type of weight loss

supplement which have been safe to use and have shown no negative side


However, to be absolutely

certain that you will avoid suffering from the possible Green Coffee

Bean Extract Side Effects, you should ensure that you DO NOT carry the

following important conditions:

1- Green Coffee Bean

Extract Side Effects and Breastfeeding

pregnant woman standing next to bottle of green 

coffee bean max capsules with side effects warning on bottle
Due to possible negative side effects of green coffee bean extract

(Max), women are
advised to avoid using the supplements while in Pregnancy or are


Whether you want to use green coffee bean extract supplement for

shedding extra body fat or you intend to use it just as herbal health

supplements, if you happen to be pregnant or breastfeeding then, you

should play it safe by not using the coffee extract pills during these

periods as the extracts have not been tested for these two cases.

2- Green Coffee Bean

Extract Side Effects and Diabetes

In the case of slimmers suffering from diabetes, they should not use

green coffee extracts before consulting a specialist first as the

caffeine can interfere with the body’s sugar levels.

3- Green Coffee Bean

Extract Side Effects and Osteoporosis

As the caffeine in green coffee is considered to

encourage the “discharge of calcium” at a faster rate out of

the body, it is therefore, advisable not to include green coffee extract

in your weight loss diet, if you happen to be suffering from Osteoporosis. So in a way this could be considered

as negative side effects of green coffee bean extract for this group of


Another group who can be adversely affected by green

coffee bean diet side effects are those who are suffering from

“Irritable Bowel Syndrome” or “Glaucoma”. It’s best if they avoid using the green

coffee extract supplements as the coffee bean extracts could worsen

their conditions.

4- Effects on Thyroid


Coffee can affect the conversion of thyroid hormones;

Thyroxine (T4) and Triiodothyronine (T3)

. Whether green coffee can have similar negative effects,

there’s not conclusive evidence to confirm this. However, it would be

wise for people suffering from thyroid problems to avoid risks and do

not attempt to take green coffee extract until their thyroid malfunction

has been resolved.

Chlorogenic Acid and

Possible Elevation Of Homocysteine As a Side Effect:

To avoid possible negative side effects from the

Chlorogenic Acid in Green Coffee, try not to over dose the recommended

daily amount which comes with the capsules since exceeding the safe

level can raise

concentrations of Plasma Homocysteine and this could have a

multitude of unhealthy effects as per a study done by The American Journal of

Clinical Nutrition.

Should You Be Taking Green Coffee In Powder Form?

It is not normally advisable nor safe to take green

coffee in powder format, as getting the safe dosage without having the

negative side effects is going to be difficult, unless the amount of

daily usage has been specifically prescribed by a Qualified Herbalist.


Before Purchasing green coffee supplements, always

make sure you are not suffering from any of the conditions mentioned

above and ensure that you have assessed the pros and cons of taking this

supplement and most importantly, when you have decided to purchase the

extract capsules, try not to buy the cheaper forms of the extracts and

instead try to choose one of the quality brands of this type of coffee –

One good quality brand, which has been reviewed on this page and the Home Page in great depths is

green coffee max – Although, you may be paying a bit extra for

them, but you can be sure that the negative side effects of the extract

capsules will tend to be negligible if you follow the daily recommended

dosage as directed.

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